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Properties of the resins

Mechanical properties*)

Parameters Biomer®P304
Modulus MPa (1mm/min) ~1500
Tensile strength MPa (50 mm/min) 28
Elongation % (50 mm/min) 8
Flexural strength (N/mm2) 31
Deformation at bending break (%) 2,5
Flexural strength at 3,5% (N/mm2)
Impact strength 23°C (KJ/m) (ISO 179/1eU ) 60
Impact strength -30°C (KJ/m2) (ISO 179/1eU)
Notched impact strength 23°C (ISO 179/1eA)
Notched impact strength -30°C (ISO 179/1eA)
MFR 180°C
MVR 180°C
Vicat-Temperature °C (ISO 306/A/120)
HDT °C (ISO 75/A) 108
Density (g/cm3)
Moisture absorption (%)
Hardness (Shore D)
Shrinkage (%)

*) means of tests done at least 4 weeks after preparing test specimens
Werte Data for most parts from University of Applied Sciences Hannover


Polymer Tensile strength Elongation at break Modulus
Biomer®P304 28 8 ~1500
PP 22 12-20 600-1200

Download Mechanical Data as PDF file